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We are constantly increasing our quality and efficiency in production.


We adapt to the individual wishes of our customers.

Continuous improvement

Improving our production capacity.


Our focus is to bring the best wet wipes on the market

Comfort & Safety

We do everything we can to provide our customers with the highest possible standard of comfort and safety.

sustainable and durable

We use 100% biodegradable materials in production.

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Made in Germany

Direct manufacturer

smart technology

With our system you are on the safe side. We promise you 100% customer satisfaction.

Consulting and communication

Through targeted advice we provide our customers with a flawless product. In this way we create the optimal conditions for communication and design.

Punctual delivery time

When you place an order, our employees will immediately take care of the processing of the order. After production you will receive a tracking number so that you can track your goods.

Disinfection wipe or refreshment wipe very easy to configure

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Individually packed freshness wipes with individual printing

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Fresh towels
Fallow fields



Hotel and gastronomy



Refreshing towel


  • 6 fragrances
  • 8 different formats
  • 7-10 WT Delivery time
  • Tracking and tracing

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Disinfection wipe


  • 8 different formats
  • 7-10 WT Delivery time
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Biocidal product

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Scent Tree


  • over 50 cutting dies
  • 12 different fragrances
  • 10-15 WT Delivery time
  • Tracking and tracing

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Disposable floor mats


  • 3 size formats
  • 3 different paper sizes
  • 10-15 WT Delivery time
  • Tracking and tracing

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For orders up to 10,000 pieces

Our products

Scent tree Carwash

Keep in mind

Out of sight out of mind - this should not apply to your company. Stay in mind: with your company logo, an eye-catching graphic or a slogan that draws attention. An individual print attracts attention and makes you pause. Your customers will remember you and keep your company in good memory. This way, impressive messages can be placed even in the smallest of spaces - and these are associated with the wonderful fresh scent when opening the promotional items, radiating freshness, hygiene and cleanliness.

Refreshing towels print, logo, print, refreshing towel,

Harmonious freshness, always ready

Your company should be remembered by your customers - ideally when they are in a pleasant situation. In this way they automatically link your solutions, services and your service with something positive. Even small but nice goodies can lead to the best results. Just like refreshing tissues, which are welcome in many situations in life: On hot days they refresh the face and neck, they are indispensable for picnics on the road and anyone travelling with small children knows all the more how important it is to always have a moist towel with you. So the practical hygiene wipes with your company logo are suitable for numerous target groups - from B2B customers to end consumers.

Awaken attention with all senses

When ordering the scented trees, you can not only choose from numerous beguiling
scents, but also determine the design individually. Choose from
numerous shapes and set your company logo or slogan perfectly in scene with the scented
tree from FrischTuch

Made in Green

for common sustainability

Environmentally friendly manufacturer

FrischTuch® Products


Sugar sticks
  • FreshnessStick® XW912
  • FreshnessStick® XW912


Refreshing tissues
  • FreshTuch® X51
  • FreshTuch® X68
  • FreshTuch® X610
  • FreshTuch® X700
  • FreshTuch® X710
  • FreshTuch® X730
  • FreshTuch® X740



Scent Tree
  • FreshScent® X75
  • FreshScent® X95
  • FreshSmell® X100
  • FreshSmell® X110


Disinfection wipes / Hygiene wipes

Hand disinfection wipes for hygienically clean hands, even when travelling, are effective against bacteria. The hygiene wipe is used wherever water and soap are not immediately available.
The single wipe in a handy packaging format is intended for single use and offers protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

This is us

  • Direct manufacturer
  • Qualitative and affordable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Faithful delivery times
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Frischtuch has a team of designers who will contact you at any time. Cm by Cm create your product with the help of our staff the perfect product for your company.


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