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Recommendations for action and measures against corona crisis in the hospitality industry


How can hygiene measures be optimized?

The hygiene rules applicable to catering establishments are a good prerequisite and should be strictly observed. Both the sneezing and coughing label and the hygienic handling of fresh or raw food must currently be observed even more strictly. Regular hand disinfection and regular changes of protective gloves are essential for hygiene in the kitchen and dining room, not only in times of the Coronavirus Basic. Sufficient soap and disinfectants in dispensers should also be provided in the guest toilets.

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Is transmission via food or objects possible?

With the current state of knowledge, it is assumed that an infection only occurs through the air via droplet infection. Neither food nor objects are seen as carriers. In order to become infected with imported goods from China, the virus would have to have survived the transport route unharmed. And even though it is still unclear whether the novel corona virus remains infectious in liquid or dried material for several days, no infection through objects is yet known. For transmission, close contact with an infected person is necessary. To be on the safe side, increased hygiene measures apply when handling raw food and meat, such as separate storage, more frequent cleaning of equipment and surfaces, and thorough cooking of dishes.

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